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Marketed and Distributed by: Zion High Productions

Glen Washinton - Master Piece CD

Including serious conscious roots and playful lovers reggae, Glen Washington lends not just his voice but his soul to a masterpiece of both music and message on the new album. Signature ZHP musical arrangements emphasize layers of sound in which the interplay of percussion, breezy horns and bubbling bass lines tell a story themselves. Here, Washington’s husky vocals lead the listener on a reggae journey inspired by soul, mento and gospel.

1. There Is A Joy
2. Take Away The Whip
3. Puppet Master
4. Let Me Have My Way
5. I Must Be Dreaming
6. Chant Down Wickedness
7. More Than I Desire
8. When We Pray
9. Fall On Me
10.Highest Quality
11.Why Worry ft. Norrisman
12. JAH Oneness
13. My Vision
14. One Way
15. Lovelife
16. One Thing On My Mind
17. Dark Days Are Gone



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